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November 21, 2008, 10:45 pm
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I first discovered Sam Amidon aka samamidon aka sam-on the internet, after googling my famous-in-the-contemporary-music sense of the word neighbor, Nico Muhly. Nico, if you are reading this, I live upstairs. Come borrow some sugar.

Just a few home videos in, I was in love. Several clicks lated I found myself at his not low-fi but dated home page with simple, what they call static, pages linking out to the myspace and back to the videos on youtube – a convoluted mess of ideas thrown together and rarely updated.

What really won me over was a sharp and clear recording of an old violin tune. Compared with the dusty style of fiddlers that ain’t got no teeth scratching away through the end of their years, Sam’s playing was clear like he wanted to teach me a little something about the everlasting note. After missing a sold out show at La Poisson Rouge, and just not making it to the performance at Glass House, last night’s show at the new Museum of Arts and Design had been in my Google Cal for a month.

So there he was, my internet idol. Other then a slightly blushed face he looked just as he had on the screen in my living room. Like an angle.

Scrawled notes and shapes make up the jokes he calls comics. These he projected behind him while his otherwise totally touching songs reached out and warmed my heart. With a pause in the live performance, Sam scurried off into the wings, leaving us with a video and narration of a fiery blob fought with fervor by those who found it necessary to do so in a situation such as this. Hopping back onto the wide wooden stage in the museum’s intimate theater, he invited a friend to accompany him on the “plucked-from-the-inside” piano, while he played banjo and crooned away.

After a series of intentional mistakes, an actual struggle with technology ensued and the misbehaving laptop was cast aside. The last few songs were left standing alone in the spotlight to be witnessed in their full glory. Now disarmed, I listened liked we were by a fire in the woods, watching each other’s eyes twinkle in the darkness.


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