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Let’s Get Married!
January 22, 2009, 1:22 pm
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Deb and Adam are my favorite couple.  They, like, really like each other and have decided this is reason enough to tie the knot.  So, to support this bold union and to be involved in what is sure to be a slamming affair, I offered to make the invites.

After scouring through with debs, we found a few images she liked so we could model our design invite after something that she knew suited her style.  From San Fran we sent the pics to the Messy Omelette / Victory Boulevard / Decoradar who had been named main image creator for this project.  A few days later Jen came back with batches of photos from her vacation home in Sarasota (where her parents also happen to reside).  From these bristly natural and elegant forms, d and a choose some shadowy greenery to grace the left hand side of the 5 by 5 card soon to be their invitation.

The computerizing was the easy part.

1. Import the photo and SHOP it so that the leaves are its own layer.
2. Take the leaves and stick ’em in illustrator.
3. Select and click “live trace” and then these suckers will be vectorized and ready for print.
4. Bring in sample images for format and color ideas.
5. Whip up a few options and send the digital files for approved.

The production was the hard part:

1. Print on a few different types of paper and send out for approval.
2. Go to pearl and explain that you need large format watercolor style paper thin enough to feed through an ink jet but think enough that it can stand on it’s own when cut down to small cards.  Receive Aces 1269951 140#, 22″ x 30″.
3. Format the invite and rsvp card on the page so you can print as many as possible on one sheet.
4. Print on Jen’s Epson Stylus 2200 printer while overseeing the process.  If you don’t have a Jen, any roommate with a perfect eye and every art tool imaginable will do.
5. Overnight samples for sign off.
6. Print 50 pages of the suckers and use heavy weight ruler with a big grip yellow Olfa razor to cut down to size.  Make friends with said Ofla as it will be your best buddy for the next few days.
7.  Box up in an old stationary box and take to your equivalent of a chinatown post office line.

Vwwallah. BFF.


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these are so beautiful emily! i love the color, the print, everything! a couple more of these and an etsy store and you’ll no longer have to worry about being unemployed!

Comment by andrea

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