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rar rar like a dungeon dragon
February 5, 2009, 4:40 pm
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Antonia lived in a big bright house that overlooked the bay. You could see this house from the opposite side of the water, looming over the wide green lawn and stretched across it – a forced break in the trees and ostentatiously large. Situated at the end of Cemetery Lane and set off from the road by a dirt driveway that cracked under your car tires when you drove up, the house stood, on all accounts, separate from the rest. The road itself did in fact harbor a cemetery at its crook – a deep bend in the pavement lined with a wooden fence mostly left open to visitors. Not that we visited.

Once inside, the place always felt eerily empty, whether or not anyone was home. Occasionally a dad would appear, grumpy from work, whiskey in hand, or a mom would pop out of the kitchen trying to appear cheerful but escaping after a quick hello. But mostly it was just Tony and me, stealing small snips of red wine from the kitchen while reading on the fridge about the prudish Americans who feared a glass a day during pregnancy.

Like most things in Antonia’s house, the piano – placed fat and comfortable in the middle of the white wide room – was untouched. Never heard the thing get played, not even once; a large sprawling animal kept silent and held still, surrounded by a vast space of intimidation.

And this is the exact image I found on accident in the heart of Chelsea’s normally crap art district, a strip of streets I return to at least once a month – free red wine or not. Just in the doors of the Gladstone Gallery sat a baby grand, proof that there are others out there guilty of over romanticizing a big hunk o’ metal strings, padded hammers in a glossy black surface.

But that anyone would go a step further to not only carve a hole in the thing so one can smash at the keys from the inside out but then also then to set it on wheels so one can lug it about the room like it belongs to you, like it’s a part of your own body – now that is to be consumed by music.

Allora & Calzadilla
“Stop, Repair, Prepare”
through Feb 21st.

Owlie Hour Update:
The first and only winner of last week’s contest is one awahl who guessed correctly that the red block is the one that goes ‘DA-DA-DA-DA-DA-DA’! For reference, posting songs on a wordpress blog is wikkid easy:

First host your mp3 somewhere (that’s one thing WP won’t do for you). I put mine on my public folder on my mobile me.

Once the mp3 has a home somewhere on the www, just include this – audio – in the html of your post and WP will make a pretty little player in a heartbeat. You need to put [ and ] around the audio tag too.


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Shocked to find my name in this context. Who are you? The house was “eerily empty”, thought i was the only one who noticed.

Comment by Antonia

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