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March 11, 2009, 3:23 pm
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Coraline, the movie, is a story about an eleven year old girl just moved into a big pink mansion on a hill.

Through the portal of dreams she discovers a tunnel that takes her to a parallel universe, one that had been locked away and hidden for years.  The new world is enticing, but dangerous; ruled by another mother who provides perfection in exchange for entrapping love.  When mom no. 2 doesn’t get what she wants she morphs into a black widow spider who likes to play games to win her way.

Coraline’s boy friend, Wybourn, calls her crazy when she discloses her fear.  Later, Why Born, or Why Be for short, gets schooled by his grandmother and he rushes to Coraline’s rescue.  Together they cast the bad mom down a well of so dark she’s sure never to surface again.

Classic Freud: straight up, no twist.  The other mother, as anyone who’s been to post feminist lacanian psychoanalysis will know, is not an ACTUAL mother, but the mother INSIDE of you.  The house is your body and the unexplored rooms your sexuality.  The knight in shining armor, well we know that one is a myth.

Were it not for the prominent appearance of talking flowers and black cats throughout my childhood dreams, I’d throw the whole thing out with tomorrow’s garbage myself.


An Experiment – presented by Owlie Hour
February 2, 2009, 4:45 pm
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Owlie: So like i want to take the logic regions and make picture song out of them so that the playback is one read from visuals rather than from a thought out sound composition.
Lvrgrl: Regions?
Owlie: Yes, the blocks of color that represent a sample in logic.
Lvrgrl: Riiight – wait, show me.


Thus began our experiment, the result of which is song clip (press the play button above and hope that the lvrgrl server wants to share) made from the shape of my nickname and some random samples from Owlie’s sound vault. It would be better if you could see the way the white bar sweeps over the regions during playback because then you could follow along and get excited when the red sample comes around for the second time. Can you picture it?

First prize goes to the listener who can correctly match each the sound to its appropriate color.