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March 10, 2009, 1:04 pm
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Conde Nasty launches a publicity mechanism in the wake of Domino’s fall. The yawn worthy cover inspires the blogsphere to shout, “yes, all women r naked too.” The media weighs in with lavish commentary and significant skepticism:

Media Bistro calls the cover a misstep noting that the fat girl thing has been done before in like 2007 and it didn’t work then.

The Telegraph tells us the cover holds all 210 pounds of her (so that’s like two Kate Mosses for the price of one).

The Herald Tribune sees Love as a “title for ‘imperfect’ times.”

And even Hipster Runoff says: “I’d do her.”

Editor Katy Grand adds poetry to the affair, reminding us to wake up each morning with a “truckload” of confidence.

A heavily anticipated follow up cover will appear six months from now featuring Marilyn Manson nude save a tutu.

Better news at The Gossip.


Show Me The Money
December 10, 2008, 2:50 pm
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Thank you Wall Street Career Journal, for your dated and condescending piece entitled “Ways Women Can Hold Their Own in a Male World.” Sure, “joining a male-dominated industry…can be intimidating,” but not necessarily for the joiner as the article suggests. Perhaps, me thinkz, it could also be scary for the status quo staffers who are prickly to change. But who shall we dump this collective fear upon? The same 51% of the nation who earn a .75 share of every dollar, suggests the Journal: the ladies!

Chilling suggestions listed down the length of the page reveal the author’s own special hatred for office politics: First off girls, check to see whether women are valued at your new job before accepting the position since they probably aren’t! Once you realize they aren’t but you take the job anyway, latch on to the highest ranking women you can find asap, since male mentors are busy sharing expensive bottles of wine with their new boy friends. Or better yet, organize your own lunch at Hooters and see if the pant-suits will come along! Also remember to change the whole way you approach people, especially if you feel like anything beyond the standard “looping back to follow up” do-nothing attitude might be necessary to get things done. And most importantly, feeling weak or confused? Suppress, Suppress, Suppress!

But, don’t forget, dear matrons of honor! You are “naturally nurturing” and despite every tip above suggesting you should hide any hint of this human quality, make sure you don’t do anything that’s basically polite, like bring coffee to a meeting. Just let the guys do that, and be thanked for it without being stereotyped!

Listen Dana Mattoli (, I’m not suggesting you are totally off the hook. It sounds like maybe you’ve got a crappy job where folks expect you speak only when spoken to and quietly at that. Don’t Palin your career; make like a Clinton and move on!

Considering the economy is falling apart under all of our heels, let’s get some advice that every tom, dick or emily could use right now. Namely, that the land-mine of personalities planted delicately around the office will always be tricky to navigate. So let’s keep our pants above our waists for just a moment and manage what’s more mercurial than an alpha male on coke: the money.

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