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Owlie Hour: Love and Lost
March 19, 2009, 6:19 pm
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This week, Lvrgrl and Owlie waste another perfectly good hour or more on the internet.
Notes from the wild:

We have a tumbler account. We never use it. We did think it was cool that you could call it and leave your blog a voicemail message in the form of a post. We haven’t tried it.

We made a twitter that links up automatic-like with our tumbler account. We never use it.

Internet Guards! Let us in!

Owls, I killed Facebook, so you can’t use my account to look up old flames anymore. Besides, I’m not friends with most of them anyway, nor was I ever, and their empty profiles won’t tell you much aside from that. Wait, when are you setting up my netvibes?

Lvgrl: So like, i want to have a web page with a picture of a phone on it. There’s a number under the phone. When you call the number, the phone on the screen rings. Owlie: I dunno em, that might be over my head. Lvrgrl: Me too.

The following will not work to make a website call your phone. NO WAY that would work. What it will do is allow your phone number to appear on the status bar of your browser when you try to click “call me” in red. So that’s fun.

Open relationships, yea or neigh?

No amount of Logic can make a song have soul.

First we lost the first half of the chat. Now the second’s gone missing.

That’s all neighbors, see ya on the W.


Let’s Get Married!
January 22, 2009, 1:22 pm
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Deb and Adam are my favorite couple.  They, like, really like each other and have decided this is reason enough to tie the knot.  So, to support this bold union and to be involved in what is sure to be a slamming affair, I offered to make the invites.

After scouring through with debs, we found a few images she liked so we could model our design invite after something that she knew suited her style.  From San Fran we sent the pics to the Messy Omelette / Victory Boulevard / Decoradar who had been named main image creator for this project.  A few days later Jen came back with batches of photos from her vacation home in Sarasota (where her parents also happen to reside).  From these bristly natural and elegant forms, d and a choose some shadowy greenery to grace the left hand side of the 5 by 5 card soon to be their invitation.

The computerizing was the easy part.

1. Import the photo and SHOP it so that the leaves are its own layer.
2. Take the leaves and stick ’em in illustrator.
3. Select and click “live trace” and then these suckers will be vectorized and ready for print.
4. Bring in sample images for format and color ideas.
5. Whip up a few options and send the digital files for approved.

The production was the hard part:

1. Print on a few different types of paper and send out for approval.
2. Go to pearl and explain that you need large format watercolor style paper thin enough to feed through an ink jet but think enough that it can stand on it’s own when cut down to small cards.  Receive Aces 1269951 140#, 22″ x 30″.
3. Format the invite and rsvp card on the page so you can print as many as possible on one sheet.
4. Print on Jen’s Epson Stylus 2200 printer while overseeing the process.  If you don’t have a Jen, any roommate with a perfect eye and every art tool imaginable will do.
5. Overnight samples for sign off.
6. Print 50 pages of the suckers and use heavy weight ruler with a big grip yellow Olfa razor to cut down to size.  Make friends with said Ofla as it will be your best buddy for the next few days.
7.  Box up in an old stationary box and take to your equivalent of a chinatown post office line.

Vwwallah. BFF.

Introducing Owlie Hour

Owlie hour is a more than hour long session with Owlie (Allie Alvarado) and lvrgrl (Emily Kramer) who meet on the internet to talk about sex, dating and technology. We will take notes on the technology part for public use.

Things we’ve learned during Owlie Hour in Session 1,2 3 and 4.

iChat enables two people with Leopard to share screens. Not only can you see what’s going on on someone else’s computer, but you can reach out across the interweb and touch your partners computer screen, IM-ing members on their buddy list and reading bits and pieces of their digital journals stored only on their desktop. Don’t ask us how it works, it just does.

Gmail is not the most efficient interface for e-mailing from your computer. Mac Mail is! One bit of proof is the drag and drop attachments that preview in the body of the email as well, so you can be sure you aren’t sending along a copy of your phone bill instead of an invoice to your ex-employer.

You can host music files for your WordPress blog in the public directory of your mobile me folder if you don’t have another server option.

Your iPhone will be more useful if you group listings in your address book. For instance, do like Allie and put all your hairdressers in one a group together for emergency situations.

Pixelmator is a good choice for people wanting to do graphics stuff who can’t afford Photoshop or are scared of it.

You can use use automation in Garage Band to bring effects in and out of a track. or to the whole song using a master track say serious Owlie.

Use compression creatively to pump up your drums, yo, or to control the dynamics in your track. No, No, No we’re not going to go into a whole compression discussion here.

If you are teaching technology to a person who would like to add new age music to still pictures of flowers, you just have to suck it up and do it anyway. Sharing is healing.

Um. Do your software updates EMILY.
Then maybe this year’s version of iChat will work…

We will have a graphic once Allie gets her wackem. It will be of an owl and a clock. “Watch” out, get it?

Tweet, tweet!

Trot Trot
November 26, 2008, 5:30 am
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Trot Trot began as an improvised violin duet recorded on an M-Audio Microtrack II, later layered in garage band to include more sounds and a little singing. After our excitement (and removing various digital voice overs about getting pulled over by the cops) we took some pictures using props originally intended for Eugene’s animal installation. The photos then went into Photoshop for collaging and tweaking before getting animated with iMovie. We presented this final result on a large iPhone like video contraption at Pomme in Dumbo during the month of October.

M-Audio Review
May 27, 2008, 4:12 pm
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(edited and posted on Cool Hunting)

Ditch your belkin ipod accessory for this highly superior portable recording device from M-Audio. The Microtrack II changed my life with its simple and straightforward interface and bare bones features. Bare bones might sound like a bad thing for a gadget with a hefty price-tag, but don’t fear the reaper. By cutting back on tricky twisty knobs and favoring a few straightforward buttons, you’ll sound good after just a few strokes of the thumb.

Top Features:

1. Range: This puppy picks up whispers from the next room or captures noisey bands through dance club speakers. Pop on the tiny T mic on the top of the device and adjust the levels by following the simple red lights that will indicate when you are on overload.

Note – Takes of loud shows may not be as nuanced as you remember it if you turn all the levels down to their lowest setting. One tricksters tip is to leave the levels high and muff the mic a bit to cut back on the overages.

2. File Format: Save as a Wav or direct to Mp3. Don’t ask me to explain the difference. All I know is that WAV files are the real deal but take up a lot of space. I’m perfectly happy with an Mp3 file as the source, giving me lots of room for recording without downloading and clearing space on the memory card.

3. Portability: It’s really light so you can take it with you everywhere making field recordings fun and easy.

4. Getting the files onto your Mac is a snap-job. Rather then the usual where’s-the-CD-that-came-with-the-unit-i-cant-find-it-im-never-going-to-get-the-files-off-this-thing rigamarole, you just need the USB cable to charge and transfer files. You can even rename the files directly on your device and use the recorder as a player during downtime.

5. Playback Quality: Bottom line: files end up sounding really really good for anyone dabbling in recording on the fly. Human speaking voices end up sounding particularly alive; a laugh recorded in one room and played back in another will trick your partner into thinking there’s two of you – for better or for worse.

One drawback is that the battery is a bitch. Unfortunately this thing seems to hemorrhage power, even when it’s off – so get used to bringing the USB charger along for the ride.