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Guest House
Chinatown, NYC

Once an idea generated over white table clothes and sweet and sour soup, ninety nine dolla is now an officially open guest house run out of our very own loft space. With electric waterfalls and painted bamboo behind us, we brainstormed brilliant and benevolent ways to fill two rooms, freshly vacant from two friends now shacked up in Brooklyn. Step by step, we put our ideas to work.

How to Make Your Own B & B
The Basics:

You’ll need a spare room or two, plus a space you can make cozy and communal. Pick up enough sheets, blankets, pillows and towels to supply each room, plus an extra set to have on hand. Pillow liners and mattress pads are good too. Give the walls rooms a new coat of paint and make up the room like you’d wanna stay there yourself. Jump on the beds and make sure they don’t squeak like granny’s mattress because couples will be half your business.

Food=comfort. Simple cereal, dairy, bread, jams and fruit will do. Keep it fresh with a few trips to the market each week and pick up a little something local or seasonal for a special treat.

Inviting and confirming your guests is going to take up a lot of time. We use, and All our bookings start over email. Provide a phone number so when people get nervous they can call and talk to a real person who can assure them they won’t wake up in two pieces.

Pick a name. Ours is 99dolla, chosen to conjure up images of economy, fun and New York City’s Chinatown. We uses WordPress to manage our digital content and update it every few days with photos of and bloggings about our guests. We also make friends on the Facebooks.

Nothing’s worse then a business gone broke. Make a simple monthly accounting sheet that subtracts your expenses from your revenue and project at least 3 months into the future. If you are working with a partner or a roommate, talk about the money at least once a week to preempt broken piggy banks, sequestered toilet paper or landlord lockouts.

Call us lucky dragon, but so far no one has walked off with our computers under their arms or our projector under their shirts. If you are scared about people staying at your home, they will smell it on you, sniff out your quality items and pee all over them. Conversely, if you relax and have the faith, people will generally like you and treat with goodness, bottles of wine and house plants you can name after them when they leave.

Best of Luck!


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