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Owlie Hour: Love and Lost
March 19, 2009, 6:19 pm
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This week, Lvrgrl and Owlie waste another perfectly good hour or more on the internet.
Notes from the wild:

We have a tumbler account. We never use it. We did think it was cool that you could call it and leave your blog a voicemail message in the form of a post. We haven’t tried it.

We made a twitter that links up automatic-like with our tumbler account. We never use it.

Internet Guards! Let us in!

Owls, I killed Facebook, so you can’t use my account to look up old flames anymore. Besides, I’m not friends with most of them anyway, nor was I ever, and their empty profiles won’t tell you much aside from that. Wait, when are you setting up my netvibes?

Lvgrl: So like, i want to have a web page with a picture of a phone on it. There’s a number under the phone. When you call the number, the phone on the screen rings. Owlie: I dunno em, that might be over my head. Lvrgrl: Me too.

The following will not work to make a website call your phone. NO WAY that would work. What it will do is allow your phone number to appear on the status bar of your browser when you try to click “call me” in red. So that’s fun.

Open relationships, yea or neigh?

No amount of Logic can make a song have soul.

First we lost the first half of the chat. Now the second’s gone missing.

That’s all neighbors, see ya on the W.


Trimming the Fat
March 17, 2009, 6:35 pm
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What if, dear friend, your profile disappeared tomorrow? What of all your pithy comments <audience gasps> and carefully tagged photos <eyebrows raise>. Or even, everything you’ve ever put on the internet since 1989, up in smoke Overnight!

What if you even had a heads up: twenty four hours, but still no god given way to pack it all up and take it with you. It would fit in a small suitcase, to be sure, but the trouble is finding it all! And keeping it all in tact with the delicate connections you saw fit to form.

You see my point compadre, there’s more to worry about these days than stolen rights to the prolific content right here in front our very eyes. No, no, don’t do it, don’t jump! The threat is false but the fear is real: do you know where you’ll be when facebook ends?

anyways, call me.