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Take Me Out to the Book Fair
October 4, 2009, 12:45 pm
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leoniestair3This weekend PS1 turns its galleries spaces into a place for art book publishers and their fans to get silly with each other.  Remember the musky smell of library stacks, the metal shelving units lining dark halls illuminated only by crank operated lights?  This isn’t like that.
Don’t miss these five points of interest along the way:

The Classroom:
PS1 used to be a public school. duh – so it only makes sense that one of the rooms turned galleries be left open for adult education.  The talk I saw was about a wheat pasting art-porn artist getting let off the hook for “putting up flyers for his new show”.  ‘Course the posters were photos of a roof-top blow job but we don’t need to tell Judge Judy about those naughty bits unless we’re handcuffed to do so, right?

Red Fox Press:
Ever seen a couple that’s so totally in love they’re probably just a hologram?  Such is the pair behind the booth for Red Fox Press who screen printed portraits they drew of each other cattle feed bags and hand bound the pages together into a book.  Another book features collection of patterns from the insides of envelopes bound together with graph paper print tape.  I got me a copy of “drawn with my left hand” on account of my boyfriend’s recent injury, but if I had the greens I would have bought up one of everything.

The Hairy Bunch
You probably couldn’t miss this one even if you wanted to.  Large and looming hair covered canopies stand towering in the courtyard; not a sight for sore eyes nor terribly hospitable neither.  You can’t really beat the above ground wading pools surrounded by sun decks and hammocks from a few years back, but at least this installation reminded me that Where the Wild Things Are comes out soon.x

On small wire towers on a table just outside the cafe sit the most delicate sweets known to this womankind’s taste buds.  They’re like a cross between a cookie and a marshmallow, but like not in a mallomar sort of way.  Probably eat only one though because even though they’re free you should let other people get some too.

If you know Sto, you know it’s easy to spot him because his hair’s always spiked out real uneven like.  Make sure you find him at the fair because when you do you’ll also find yourself in the company of butt booklets and pages filled with somber looking solo sex acts.  He’ll be near the gobbed up gold letters hanging on the wall that spell out “Cinders”.

Posts to come include “Five Things Not To Do When Your Dead Bolt Locks You Out” and “Jessica Cutler Lies on Craig’s List and I Lived To Tell About It.

* photo take from Apartment Therapy’s post on Book Stairs